Our Team

Daniel “Butch” Resnick

Butch Resnick is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Starting off as an employee of Resnick Supermarket Equipment, over the last 15+ years, Butch has started and overseen the growth of countless businesses in Sullivan County and other areas of New York. From renovating and operating a successful hotel and restaurant in Sullivan county, to upcoming projects to improve the place we call home, Butch has experience and majority ownership in various business enterprises. However, his passion and greatest success has always been in the supermarket industry. Since purchasing Resnick Supermarket Equipment in the late 90’s, Butch has seen his company grow into the largest Refrigerated Display Case remanufacturer on the east coast. Butch also is the majority owner of two additional companies in the Supermarket industry that work hand-in-hand with Resnick Supermarket Equipment. As majority owner of Supermarket Parts Warehouse, Butch has seen a company grow from his idea to provide new parts for Resnick Equipment brand cases to the nationwide leader in replacement parts for the industry. Most recently, in 2006, Butch formed Supermarket Equipment Depot. “The Depot,”, as it is known, is  growing yearly as the pre-eminent source for small, everyday use items for supermarkets in the New York City Metro area. As majority owner of Resnick Supermarket Equipment, Butch Resnick is guaranteed to use his expertise to assist any of your supermarket needs.


Richard E. Swift

Rick was born and raised in upstate New York. Staying close to home, he attended SUNY Delhi to study management as well as refrigeration and air conditioning. With diploma in hand, Rick set out to put it to good use. He began his career in sales, both commercial and residential – refrigeration and air conditioning, respectively. His success and attentiveness to customers then landed him a managerial position, which opened many doors for Rick. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Rick joined Resnick Supermarket Equipment. Now part-owner of Resnick Equipment and Supermarket Parts Warehouse, the 26 years has given him immeasurable knowledge of manufacturing processes, safety, refrigerated display cases, and display case shelving that will be produced by Sullivan Fabrication.   Rick’s day to day duties include brains behind a well-oiled machine in Resnick Equipment, successfully supervising over 50 employees to manufacture 20-30 cases per week. Under his direction, these employees set out on a daily basis to provide equipment to hundreds of Supermarket Owners in the tri-state area. With this expertise, Rick plays an essential role here at Resnick Supermarket Equipment.